SDM and Antivirus inteactions

  • KM03636671
  • 28-Apr-2020
  • 28-Apr-2020


Here you will see how SDM interacts or not with Antivirus software.



There are some doubts about if SDM is impacted or has restrictions or has constraints when Antivirus is processing the server where SDM is installed and running.


Due to SDM is programmed and the way like SDM works, there isn’t constraints or restrictions and less issues when scanning server by any antivirus.
Of course, always, antivirus will impact the general server performance, so, in order to have minimum impact over the tool processing, next there are some recommendations to have in mind.
  • Do scanning w when SDM is not being used with high intensity or running Discovery or BF.
  • SDM by purpose is a demand software, so, usually not intensive use usually has been detected before.
  • Also running BFs in D2D mode, impact is low.
  • In D2F BF, where processing is large enough and the files are stored on the same server, please here consider, do scanning antivirus process outside BF running hours.
  • From your Antivirus product specifications, you would check how your antivirus impact Java memory or Tomcat applications.
Just reinforcing that SDM is not impacted by antivirus, that is why, there isn't documentation about it, and also during long time we have on support, we didn't get issues about SDM use versus Antivirus software.