How to Upgrade SDM Discovery module to next version from current installed

  • KM03636123
  • 24-Apr-2020
  • 24-Apr-2020


The produce here allows you to upgrade current SDM Discovery version to just next version from current one running.


Sometimes you want to migrate your current version of SDM Discovery module to other one just after in version from current version installed on SDM and running.

Documentation explain the general procedure, but it isn't apply to everything about current last version to new releseased one to cover issues in current Discovery version from SDM.

Here you will find the way.



REQUISITE: This works only on previous version, just the last one.
Documentation explain upgrades from all before versions, but upgrade explained here just the last version before the latest, this is not documented on documentation pack.
·         Having installed SDM full product
·         Having installed Discovery module for current SDM version
·         Download just next version of Discovery module having current SDM/Discovery version as base.
Datialed steps:
a. Shutdown current running 7.6.2 webConsole
b. Download SDM 7.6.3
c. Install it in a NEW directory e.g. SDM/SDM763
d. In an admin cmd.exe window Navigate to SDM/SDM763/obt/bin
e. Copy Files DiscoveryInstaller.jar, .bat, .sh to SDM/SDM762/obt/bin
f. In an admin cmd.exe window Navigate to SDM/SDM762/obt/bin
g. DiscoveryInstaller.bat or .sh
h. Click NEXT/NEXT until finish – it should detect UPGRADE MODE
i. Start 7.6.2 webconsole
IF It Fails then:
  • Check the version and if it is needed then repeat the steps before to make sure do not miss something,
  • otherwise, log a case with SDM support team.