How to deal with error: Archive responsibility FRM-40735: POST-Query trigger raised unhandled exception

  • KM03635530
  • 21-Apr-2020
  • 21-Apr-2020


Help customers to deal with Archive Responsability access to APPS objects, having issues when use an APPS module which uses archived data did it from SDM Ebiz layer BF. REQUISITE: This is way to proceed applies to customers using SDM with Oracle APPS, EBiz.


REQUISITE: This is way to proceed applies to customers using SDM with Oracle APPS, EBiz.

This error is regarding querying data in APPS GUI side, when customer is accessing data which have a link with archived data on SDM side by the proper module archive BF.
APPS operation screen tries to validate rights to access objects, but, something has changed from APPS DB or archived DB, and this change is not being considered by SDM repository.


Collecting Data:
·         Provide screenshot from GUI screen where customer is having the issue
·         Provide alert trace file from Oracle
·         Provide trace file on production, maybe tkprof would be fine.
·         Provide Oracle OLTP DB version
·         Provide Oracle APPS -OEBS- version
·         Provide Ebiz version, it could be get it from:
o   #1: On SDM WC, go to Deployment menu, on left take a screenshot
o   #2: You could download Ebiz zip on your disk if you still have installations from beginning use of SDM, in that directory you have the version.
o   #3: Last BF about OEBS layer from SDM execution, generated a log file, this would be uploaded into the ftp of the support case, we from MF can get info from it.
·         Provide SDM version, this is from WC / help symbol / Product Info
Reaching Micro Focus Support:
Due to this kind of issues need very high expertise know-how, customer must work it with internal Micro Focus Support team.
Having before collected data on hands, this save time for internal analysis and resolution time, pointing to have a meeting in short time with customer.
·         Open a case with Micro Focus Support team
·         Upload collected information