Agent-less vs Agent-Based Discovery

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  • 05-Apr-2020
  • 05-Apr-2020


Agent-less vs Agent-Based Discovery


What are the differences between Agent-less vs Agent-Based Discovery?


  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Universal Discovery (UD) Agent-less vs Agent-Based Discovery?


Universal Discovery (UD) allows customers to choose the best method of discovery per the specific needs and constraints of each management zone.


  • Agent-less Discovery has the following advantages:


• No need to deploy/maintain agent per server


• No continued presence on discovered device (minimal footprint)


• Leverages available access points (protocols) to get desired information


Note*: Not always Operating system credentials are available. Often security policies force credentials to be changed on a regular basis. Also, protocols like NTCMD require a lot of prerequisites (specific system configuration)


  • Agent-based Discovery has the following advantages:


• Overcome security barriers


• Maintenance of user credentials is challenging


• Deeper insight into computer information (e.g. software utilization)


• Enables agent-initiated data reporting (“Call Home”)


Note*: Not everything can be done via the agent. The agent can only act as a replacement/alternative to shell protocols. So only those discovery jobs that work through shell protocols can potentially run through the agent.