How to get scheduler logs?

  • KM03608689
  • 18-Mar-2020
  • 18-Mar-2020


Steps on how to enable the scheduler logs to debug mode.


Whenever you execute an automated test, the Automatic Runner window should appear within the Test Lab module. The schduler logs do record all the errors and actions executed in this window.


To enable the scheduler logs follow below steps:


a. Create a folder called logs under the C: drive.

b. Edit both mercury.ini files located at:

           1 - C:\Windows

           2 - %localappdata%\VirtualStore (only if found)

 c. Add the following lines and the end of each file:




d. Close all IE windows.


NOTE: the logs folder can be created in another location always it is fully accesible. If this is the case, update the LogFile value.