Operations Connector (OpsConnector) Policy Datastore

  • KM03606738
  • 09-Mar-2020
  • 09-Mar-2020


Policy datastore of the connector to backup and restore Connector policies.


Some times is needed to use new policies in a Connector or backup the current ones.For example, when using a new version of the NNMi or third party connector polices the tool bsmc-policy can be used to import the policies but if removal of the old policies is needed just to not confuse it with the new one, the bsmc-policy tool can't be used. 

So if at anytime, need to remove the old policy it needs to be done manually.


To remove or backup the Operations Connector policies is needed to the following procedure:

1. Deactivate the existing policy:
bsmc-policy.bat -deactivate -name "<Policy_Name>"
2. Remove the respective header and data file form the policy store (Linux: /var/opt/OV/datafiles/policymanagement/store, Windows: %OvDataDir%datafiles\policymanagement\store). 
Unfortunately, this cannot be done with the bsmc-policy tool since it does not support deleting policies from the store:
DEL /Q ...
3. Import the new policy:
bsmc-policy.bat -import -header <policy_id>_header -data <policy_id>_data
4. Activate the policy:
bsmc-policy.bat -activate -name "<Policy_Name>"