Define search filter using entity link fields.

  • KM03604059
  • 28-Feb-2020
  • 28-Feb-2020

This document has not been formally reviewed for accuracy and is provided "as is" for your convenience.


This show how the entity links fields works and how can they be used to filter options in drop down lists on offerings.


Problem Description:

Many customers use this type of fields and sometimes is difficult to work with them.


Entity link fields are not always easy understanding and how to use them.


Under the following scenario:

  • To test this we should create a two new fields (can use existing ones but is more easy with new ones)
    -Login to the Dashboard.
    -Go to Administration->Studio.
    -Select Request->Fields->New Field and create the following:
    --TestFilterA: Reference to Service Definition.
    --TestFilterB: Reference to Offering.

    -Go to Forms->New Request form->Add field, then add the two fields to any section, in my case to "Catalog offering" section.
    -Save the changes.

    -Go to Processes and Rules->Select Request on the left, so we are able to add global rules.
    -Click on Add for the Rendering forms->Simple rule->Define suggested values based on filter->Ok.
    --Define suggested values for TestFilterB.DisplayLabel with header TestFilter with filter Service IN ${entity.TestFilterA_c.DisplayLabel}
    -Save the changes.

    -Go to Run->Service Request->New, and scroll down to the section where we added the new fields.
    -Select a value on TestFilterA then open the TestFilterB, you will see the filtered values.



Applies to all current SMAX environments (2020.02 newest release).