Online graphs are not visible

  • KM03603082
  • 26-Feb-2020
  • 26-Mar-2020


How to troubleshoot Influx DB authentication errors.


In PCS logs the following error appears:

InfluxDB needs authentication. Check uname, pwd parameters


Two possible causes:

1- System user credentials in the environment was changed, the Identity Change tool should be used for both PC server and hosts. In case it was not performed or host was added later
2- If you uninstall a host and reinstall it again, and during this time the LoadRunner Enterprise system user name or password is changed, access to the internal Influx database on the host will be denied.


Inspect logs on the Controller machine from the folder
Locate errors having text “InfluxDB needs authentication”
When exist, such errors indicate that online data cannot be stored in the Influx Db database. The reason is that database user credentials are wrong.
As a resolution, one may create Influx DB user manually as explained in this link Manually creating user in Influx DB