How PPM handles empty Scheduled Start and Scheduled Finish dates in MPP files during upload?

  • KM03602684
  • 25-Feb-2020
  • 25-Feb-2020

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Empty Scheduled dates in MPP file lead to random dates when the file is uploaded to PPM.


When uploading MPP files to PPM, if the "Scheduled Start" and "Scheduled Finish" dates are empty in the file, PPM will populate them with predefined values.


In PPM 9.51, empty "Scheduled Start" and "Scheduled Finish" in tasks are set to "2001/01/01" by default. In PPM 9.55, those empty dates will be set to the date when you upload the MPP file.

Make sure "Scheduled Start" and "Scheduled Finish" of all tasks have correct values in the MPP file.