How to reinitiate event cache by JMX and command line

  • KM03602648
  • 25-Feb-2020
  • 25-Feb-2020

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You can re-initiate event cache by one of below ways: Option 1: - Go to your Gateway Server's JMX console on port 29000 (http://localhost:29000) and log in with Admin credentials. - Go to BusinessLogicDelegateMBean from opr.console Domain - Invoke the reinitIncidentCache() method Option 2: Optionally, you can use the "opr-jmxClient" tool to have this done through the command line: Windows: \opr\support\opr-jmxClient.bat -system :4447 -bean "opr.console:name=BusinessLogicDelegateMBean" -method reinitIncidentCache -r Linux: /opt/HP/BSM/opr/support/ -system :4447 -bean "opr.console:name=BusinessLogicDelegateMBean" -method reinitIncidentCache -r