How To Upgrade SDM Discovery

  • KM03602550
  • 24-Feb-2020
  • 24-Feb-2020


Here the steps to upgrade SDM discovery having SDM already installed.


Here we have a way to upgrade discovery feature in SDM.

Very important topic because this isn't in documentation.



      Have Discoverer feature installed in SDM.


  •       Here we set a path SDM/SDM762/obt bin, just to clarify, this aims to, where you have installed SDM code-tree, programs from installation, <SDM install path>/obt/bin   
  •       Applies to SDM 7.5x to 7.6x
  •      Change path slash if you are using Linux
  •      Get the patch from MF web support site or from Support team by opening a new case or service request.

Steps are:

a. Shutdown current running 7.6.2 webConsole

b. Download SDM 7.6.3

c. Install it in a NEW directory e.g. SDM/SDM763

d. In a admin cmd.exe window Navigate to SDM/SDM763/obt/bin

e. Copy Files DiscoveryInstaller.jar, .bat, .sh to SDM/SDM762/obt/bin

f. In a admin cmd.exe window Navigate to SDM/SDM762/obt/bin

g. DiscoveryInstaller.bat

h. Click NEXT/NEXT until finish – it should detect UPGRADE MODE

i. Start 7.6.2 webconsole