Decommission Voltage

  • KM03599289
  • 12-Feb-2020
  • 12-Feb-2020

This document has not been formally reviewed for accuracy and is provided "as is" for your convenience.


This gives you an insight on some information and step required to be known when you plan to decommission Voltage.


If you want to stop using(decommission) SM environment you can shutdown servers and that’s it.

Important points:


1.       VEC caching – if someone is using their environment it is possible that email will be composed with cached data for max 2 weeks.


2.       Old messages - Once SM environment is not online, you will also not be able to open encrypted messages


-          solution: decrypt old messages with eDiscovery – you will need to purchase it – or use VEC option to store messages decrypted once opened but you need to click on every encrypted email in outlook.


These 2 are required to decommission SM environment.