SAP BO X4.1 reporting issues in Asset Manager web client

  • KM03584023
  • 29-Jan-2020
  • 29-Jan-2020

This document has not been formally reviewed for accuracy and is provided "as is" for your convenience.


This KBA helps to troubleshoot issues with the SAP BO X4.1 which is an optional additonal reporting tool in Asset Manager web client since version 9.70


Please check the below document. This is for Manual, but it covers all points that need to be checked.




Please also revisit the steps below as these are where issues like this are most likely to have been introduced

Manual creation of the Asset Manager SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform integration user has two steps:
Creating the user
To create the Asset Manager SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform integration user:
Launch the Central Management Console.
Select the Enterprise authentication type and log on with the Administrator account (the password was defined during the installation process).
Click the Users and Groups link in the Organize group.
Select Manager/ New/ New User in the Users and Groups screen.
Populate the properties as following:
Account Name: AssetManager
Full Name: AssetManager
Password: enter and confirm the password for AssetManager account
Select Password never expires.
Deselect User must change password at next logon.
Deselect User cannot change password.
Connection Type: Concurrent User
Click Create. You will be prompted that the AssetManager account is created.
Assigning rights
Asset Manager reports must have already been imported into SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform.
To assign all rights for Asset Manager reports to the AssetManager user:
Launch the Central Management Console.
Click Folders (in the Organize group).
Right-click the folder in which you have imported your Asset Manager reports (the folder name is specified when you importing the reports.
Select User Security from the shortcut menu.
Click Add Principals.
Select AssetManager AssetManager from the Available users/groups box.
Click > to add it to the Selected users/groups box.
Click Add and Assign Security.
Keep the default selection for Inheritance and select the Access Levels tab in the displayed screen.
Select Full Control in the Available Access Levels table.
Click > to add it to the Assigned Access Levels table.
Click OK.
The AssetManager user now has complete control of the Asset Manager reports


To quote an example of how useful this check list is , one customer was unable to create reports and he found the root cause was that he hadn't configured the AssetManager user correctly on the SAP Report side when this user needed to have fullAccess to the folder where the report exists .