Interset Security User and Entity Behavioral Analytics - 5.9 - has been released

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  • 21-Jan-2020
  • 21-Jan-2020


Product: Interset Security User and Entity Behavioral Analytics Version: 5.9 Languages: English


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Micro Focus is announcing the release of


Product: Interset Security User and Entity Behavioral Analytics  
Version: 5.9

Languages: English



 The new key features for Interset Security User and Entity Behavioral Analytics 5.9 are:
  • Analitycs: Increased Performance and Reduced Compute Cost
Interset 5.9.0 includes optimizations for HBase query operations and entity-risk analytic operations, as well as enhanced analytic operation controls (enable / disable) and environment performance monitoring.
  • Security and Encryption by Default
The Interset installer has been updated to perform secure installation on both
HDP and CDH by default. The underlying components are configured for default
encryption of data-in-motion.
  • Elasticsearch Enhancements
It is now possible to prune ES data based on event timestamps.
The Interset stack now uses the Elasticsearch REST client rather than the Transport client.
  • Enriched User Interface
You can now annotate anomalies and add comments to help track your analysis.
The history of annotation changes is maintained, so you can see what other analysts have done. Changes performed by different analysts are synchronized in real time.
The new native event viewer allows you to review event details without leaving the Interset application.
  • Enhanced PDF reporting
New custom report templates allow you to change the wording of specific
anomalies, including
abstracted anomaly parameters. You can also combine annotations and
comments in reports.
  • Workflow Enhancements
You can now create and import DROOLS Workflows (including timestamp-based rules) independent of the Interset user interface. New Workflow validation lets you test your Workflow logic ahead of deployment. Your Workflows can now include custom API endpoints as data sources.
  • New Analytics Models
Interset 5.9.0 now includes geo-velocity models based on latitude and longitude (for AD, Authentication, WebProxy, and VPN data), and new user agent models on WebProxy logs.
  • Platform Upgrades
Interset 5.9.0 ships with the following upgraded components for improved performance, security, and stability:
  • l HDP 3.1
  • l CDH 6.1.1
  • l Elasticsearch 6.8.1
The software can be found on the Software Entitlement Portal:

For more information, please check the Release Notes for this version (available from MySupport).


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Support time-line



Nov 30, 2020

End of Committed Support


 Please note that all Interset Security User and Entity Behavioral Analytics customers with active support subscriptions are eligible to update to Interset Security User and Entity Behavioral Analytics 5.9.
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