ASM (Automated Services Modeling) - No SCP reported from configuration signature - port 80

  • KM03576288
  • 02-Jan-2020
  • 16-Jan-2020


ASM (Automated Services Modeling) discovery stops when trying to find port 80 SCPs (Service Connection Points) which don't exist.


The port 80 SCPs (Service Connection Points) are going to be port 443.

The IIS servers listed are correct, but they are not listening on port 80. The IIS servers have UD Agents installed and have been fully discovered.

The error in the communication log is “No SCP reported from configuration signature for application Microsoft IIS WebServer”.

Using the OOTB ConfigurationFileSignature.xml file.



The web.config on these servers lacks of a lot of information.

There is no DB configuration or any other service configuration in this configuration file, so uCMDB cannot find any SCP from the configuration file.