How To Set Two SDM Installations with One OBT Home

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  • 30-Dec-2019
  • 30-Dec-2019

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Teach how to have two SDM installations with one SDM Repository instance


Sometimes customer needs to set more than one SDM installation with one Repository instance, it could be, on cluster, on cloud, or on an APP server.

Also, there are customers having QA and Production on same APP server and a whole database on cloud or cluster environments.

Here you find the way to set it up.




This guide allows you to install a new second instance of SDM to same server where you have current SDM running or it would be other server with access same obt_home from current SDM installation.

Both versions of SDM (current one and new one) must be the same version of product.


Old_install (OI) = Refers to current SDM installation path you use as usual, day to day operations/use. Also, SDM code-tree/product programs.

New_install (NI) = Refers to current SDM installation you use as usual, day to day operations/use. Only Code-Tree/SDM programs.

Old_Obt_Home (OOH) = Refers to current obt_home path, seeing it as ‘old’.


1. Get on hand SDM same version you are using on server

2. Select where to install the second SDM install, including path; better same saver

3. Get some available port for the WebConsole -WC-, to access the webconsole browser.



Do this procedure on ‘non-production’ instance first.

Steps To Do:

1. Using the same user you used to install first SDM installation before, then..

2. Launch SDM installation program, for example ./sdm_7.61_linux_x86-64.bin