How to monitor the number of progresses in Network Node Manager i 2018.08 (linux) by Net-SNMP

  • KM03574145R
  • 24-Dec-2019
  • 15-Jan-2020

This document is under revision.


This article details the number of process that can be seen on an out-of-the-box Network Node Manager i station


Tracking the number of Minimum (MIN) & Maximum (MAX) processes in Network Node Manager i & Network Performance Server v2018.08(on Linux OS Platform)


For NNMi


1. Regarding Postgres - A MIN of 11 and a MAX of 206, if the string passed is "postgres".

    Note: If proc directive is not case-insensitive, then for postgres, min is 12 and max is 207, (this due to the process named "Postgres".) 


2. Regarding nnmaction - A MIN & MAX of 2 process can be expected. Note that the "nnmaction ovspmd" is also displayed when user checks for "ovspmd".


    nnmaction –ovspmd 


3. Regarding trapreceiver and trapreceivermd - The MIN & MAX process number if 1 each. 


4. Regarding process manager - For "ovspmd" a MIN & MAX of 4 listings are is expected.

    ovspmd -U

    nmsdbmgr -ovspmd

    nnmtrapreceivermd -ovspmd

    nnmaction -ovspmd


For NPS :  

 Note :  The number of  default and custom poller extension packs may vary from one NPS setup to another, as an effect there is no fixed number for processes like etl, iqsrv etc. A lot depends on the number of extension packs installed and number of concurrent connections that can be made to database.

 1. ETL services - The number of ETL services running depend on the number of extension packs (EPs) that are installed including custom poller EPs.  Users can count the number of entries against PRSPI_EXTENSIONPACKS tag in /var/opt/OV/NNMPerformanceSPI/rconfig/NNMPerformanceSPI.cfg file and multiply the count by 3 to arrive as the maximum number for etl processes. This would include the main and sub processes for each EP along with routines like archiving, summarisation etc.,


2. IQ database service - The maximum number of supported concurrent connections is 200. This includes all sql statements that handle data loading, summarisation, archiving and queries fired from report launching as well. The related process for iq is iqsrv


3. Cognos processe - The expected MAX numbder of related processes is 15.


4. Content Store (Informix dB) : The expected MAC count for related processes (oninit)  is 20. 

Note : In all of the above cases, the MIN count can be expected as 1 in a non-distributed NPS setup


5. prspiMain processes -  On similar lines of other processes, this also can’t be quantified to exact number. prspiMain process is responsible for below actions.

    a) Starts all extension packs.

    b) Installs or uninstalls extension packs based on the custom collections created/deleted in NNMi.

    c) Periodic activities

         - Check for system statistics

         - Check for database size

         - Check for content store size

         - Kills any not stopped processes of EPs