Rule based Hierarchy - Navigation - known defect

  • KM03572869
  • 19-Dec-2019
  • 16-Jan-2020


This KBA highlights a known issue with the navigation when using Rule Based hierarchies. It is better to use Manual Based hierarchies for view level displays until this is fixed.


When creating a view such as the one shown in Fig1.jpg (attached) and then navigating away and coming back to it  - the rule display disappears (see Fig2.jpg where it can be seen that the manual hierarchy rather than the rule hierarchy is now on display even though the radio button still states Rule Based instead of Manual)

Clicking the Manual radio button and then the Rule Based radio button again , results in what is shown in Fig3.jpg - ie the rule based hierarchy is now on display again but it needs to be redefined


This is a known issue - Ref : QCCR1H128786