Population job not deleting CIs marked as Retired/Consumed in SM

  • KM03560890
  • 27-Nov-2019
  • 27-Nov-2019


EnhancedAdapter9-41 on Population job not deleting CIS marked as Retired/Consumed in SM


When using the EnhancedAdapter9-41 on Population, if a node CI in SM is marked as Retired/Consumed and the CI has child related CIs (for example Nodes with IPAddress, CPU, MACAddres, and so on) the CI will not be delted from uCMDB.

Reproducible OOB using SM9.6x and UCMDB 2018.02

1. Preconfigure the SM/UCMDB integration using the EnhancedAdapter9-41
2. Run the Population job on an specific CI using a custom TQL
3. At least 1 CI should be created on UCMDB from SM
4. Change any field on this CI, such as the name or IP address
5. Rerun the Full sync, you should be able to see the changes in UCMDB
6. Change the CI status to Retired/Consumed in SM
7. CI is marked simply as updated in UCMDB, no deletion happens


Micro Focus has reviewed this change request. After careful consideration regrettably Micro Focus has determined the requested change will not be addressed within the product. An ER for future considerations might be created for this case.