BUS errors : AMQ222086: error handling packet PACKET + AMQ224016: Caught exception ActiveMQIllegalStateException

  • KM03545971
  • 05-Nov-2019
  • 05-Nov-2019


Omi with Oracle DB's


Bus is switching between primary and secondary DPS randomly.

BUS.LOG has errors

2019-10-22 08:54:22,909 [Thread-5 (ActiveMQ-client-netty-threads)] WARN  server.handlePacket(209) - AMQ222086: error handling packet PACKET(ReplicationDeleteMessage)[type=93, channelID=2, packetObject=ReplicationDeleteMessage] for replication  
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Cannot find add info 2147497001 on compactor or current records

Other bus errors

2019-10-22 07:04:19,942 [Thread-8 (activemq-netty-threads)] ERROR server.handlePacket(505) - AMQ224016: Caught exception  
ActiveMQIllegalStateException[errorType=ILLEGAL_STATE message=Cannot find ref to ack 4295089986]


Please also check the settings with the guidelines here:




here the oracle DB was set to only 300 cursors.


advised to increase the open_cursors limit to the recommended 2000.


Other parameters of concern as they do not meet the requirements for a large deployment:


SGA Target should be 4GB currently 2GB


Processes should be 1000, currently 800