Important information on the impact of the new MAC OS Catalina 10.15 update on Mobile Center 3.2.

  • KM03539574
  • 18-Oct-2019
  • 23-Oct-2019


Apple have recently released their latest Operating System MAC OS Catalina 10.15 on 7/10/19 and all Mobile Center versions fully support it.


With MC 3.2 GA version, the iOS packaging service installation will fail during the installation phase on the MAC OS Catalina. Please note however that in the scenario where the iOS packaging service was installed correctly on the MAC system prior to upgrading to Catalina 10.15 that the iOS packaging service installed on the MAC should continue to work fine after the upgrade; however it may impact the ability to uninstall or install any patch installation of the iOS packaging service.



Due to changes in the Catalina MAC OS release introduced by Apple, the MC 3.2 iOS packaging service installation fails.



Our current recommendation that customers who are using the iOS packaging service do not upgrade to Catalina 10.15 until this issue has been fixed by the upcoming patch for Mobile Center 3.2

In the interim if you have already upgraded to Catalina 10.15 and you should instead use the MC Enabler tool that is available from the Mobile Center server installation and the Micro Focus market place: