Extra steps to consider when integrating APM and OMi (OBM)

  • KM03498008
  • 27-Aug-2019
  • 27-Aug-2019


APM 9.30, 9.40, 9.50 Omi 10.6x


This document shows several recommendations to take into account  for the  integration between APM and OMi (OBM) besides the official documentation.


Extra recommendations besides the attached document, take not of the following:

A. Install the dataflow probe installed on Windows (NOT ON LINUX)

B  set in the APM configuration settings the LB as the  target :


Enter the URL to connect to OMi using setOmiUrl method, for example:       http://<OMi LB FQDN>:30005

press invoke. Also, port 30005 must be open on APM server.

C   the LB must have  certificates imported as well.

D Omi "Run Test"with APM  checks with the OV communication Broker, which runs on APM (by default on port 383)

Port 383 must be allowed on the LB.

E   Do a redeployment of OPR_event policy on GW server(s)