Infrastructure Settings

  • KM03492372
  • 13-Aug-2019
  • 30-Aug-2019


After an upgrade, the infrastructure settings.xml file may be missing from the probe installation. This KBA addresses this situation.


The InfrastructureSettings.xml file is missing from the probe installation


It is in fact quite normal to see warnings like this in the logs on first time startup of the probe  :

Infrastructure settings file: infrastructureSettings.xml was not found

After about 5 minutes, the probe should request the infrastructure setting information from  the server and use this information to generate “infrastructureSettings.xml” before downloading it to the probe – at which point logs similar to the following should be seen in the WrapperProbeGw.log :

ProbeGW: Downloading file from server: discoveryConfigFiles/infrastructureSettings.xml
Save file: download required:discoveryConfigFiles/infrastructureSettings.xml 1565272803166 time1565272815975
ProbeMgr: received new server data fileName=discoveryConfigFiles/infrastructureSettings.xml

NOTE: It is advised not to run clearProbeData as this can cause the process to be a lot longer than 5 minutes