Micro Focus Operations Bridge Suite Software 2019.05 has been released

  • KM03461210
  • 17-Jun-2019
  • 17-Jun-2019


Micro Focus Operations Bridge Suite Software 2019.05 English


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Micro Focus is announcing the release of

Product: Micro Focus Operations Bridge Suite Software
Version: 2019.05
Languages: English

The following key new features are available with this version:

  • BVD and COSO based reporting
    • ​Fully containerized reporting solution on top of Vertica
    • OOTB Event Mgmt and SysInfra Reports for agent-less and agent based monitoring
    • External OBM Event Forwarding (a mixed mode scenario) to the COSO Data Lake for reporting purposes
    • Support for re-use of existing Vertica cluster as well as BYOBI
    • BVD: Multi time/category series line/bar charts, parameterization, search on group widgets
    • BVD: Web2pdf additional print options
    • BVD: Interactive dashboards based on parameterized queries
    • BVD New widgets: Cross-table, large tables (incl. printing support), multi-line charts
    • BVD Oracle query support
    • BVD no longer checks  #dashboards (new licensing allows unlimited number of dashboards)
  • Event Analytics and COSO features
    • Full support of mixed-mode deployments 
    • Dynamic Performance Management Central Thresholding based on baseline breaches - enhanced to report baseline violations (dynamic)
  • OBM Containerized
    • opr-sbec-rule / opr-tbec-rule to list, enable/disable/delete rules
    • opr-event to list/report events and event details assigned to a user or user group
    • opr-assign (password parameter handling, mass assignment, list by CI type and name)
    • opr-config-tool (list all versions)
    • opr-export-events (“opsgetmsgdet”)
    • opr-close-events & opr-archive-events (options -o -a like “opshistdwn”)
    • opr-node enhancement for CLAW (add cluster nodes/resource groups)
    • HTML search for events (ER)
    • Monitoring dashboard enhancement (ER)
    • HTML Watch list with new features
    • InfraSettings UI incl. search
    • HTML RAW Editor
    • Syntax check for Flexible Management Template in Policy UI (“opcmomchk”)
    • Scoring of Tools
    • New CLIs
    • Enhanced CLIs
    • Performance improvements in PD
    • Changed Upgrade/Update flow of OBM classic
    • SiS Dashboard in OBM (“SAM”)
  • Simplification/Quality Improvements
    • ​Install/Upgrade Documentation Quality improvements
  • Mandates & Enterprise Readiness
    • ​Major progress on filling Common Criteria gaps – Bouncy Castle as FIPS Provider; Update to LWSSO 5.0
    • PostgreSQL 10.6 (external db deployment, not embedded)
    • Phase 2 Struts Removal: Infrastructure Settings, Audit Log CLI
    • Full support for AWS deployment of containerized suite
  • Data Ingestion (COSO)
    • ​Full support for statefull pre-load transformations (avoiding out of memory problems)
    • Built-in Baseline calculation (inner-source contribution from NOM)  -- ITOM Services
    • Increased Robustness: Configuration Store (replacing file based configuration, avoiding race conditions)
    • Enhanced sizing guide (e.g. agent less data)
    • COSO Schema: Enable Multi-Tenancy and meta-data driven consumption
  • Content and collection enhancements
    • ​Content: Agent-less monitoring of Kubernetes via Prometheus APIs , and MS Exchange 2016
    • Content - AWS MP: Instance based monitoring
    • Content -Azure MP: Simplification (log analytics/upgrade)
    • New Operations Agent metric collector as part of Collection Service capability  (New recommended approach for collecting agent metrics for ITOM reporting) - IBM Tivoli, CA-APM, SAP,  Oracle Enterprise Manager (no new functionality, ensuring co-ex with latest OA, ITOM marketplace)
    • Statistic and health of active collections
    • Virtualization Collector capability renamed to Collection Service
    • Connector for Microsoft SCOM enhancements: SO Integration
    • Connector for VROPS enhancement: Event filtering based on severity; Out of box Topology view
    • Connector for OneView: New CIs discovery; Multi instance support
    • Connector for Icinga:  Vulnerable Jar (Jackson-databind) upgraded

For more information, please check the Release Notes for this version (available from MySupport).

If you have an active support subscription for these products, please plan for downloading this version from the Software Licenses and Downloads Portal. You will need your Software Passport login and password to access the Software Licenses and Downloads Portal.

Our goal is to provide you with clear visibility into the support time-line of software products, enabling you to use this information to plan, test, and deploy new product versions. For more information, check our MySupport Software Product Lifecycle pages, where you can find support time-line information for previously released versions. For this newly released version, the following time-line applies (dates subject to change, always check the Software Product Lifecycle pages referenced above for the latest information):


Support time-line



Jun 30, 2023

End of Committed Support

Jun 30, 2025

End of Extended Support

Jun 30, 2029

End of Self-Help Support with Rights to New Versions

Please note that all Operations Bridge Suite customers with active support subscriptions are eligible to update to Operations Bridge Suite 2019.05