Micro Focus Service Management Automation Suite Software 2019.02 has been released

  • KM03355091
  • 10-Mar-2019
  • 19-Mar-2019


Micro Focus Service Management Automation Suite Software 2019.02


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Micro Focus is announcing the release of

Product: Micro Focus Service Management Automation Suite Software
Version: 2019.02
Languages: English

The following key new features are available with this version:


The SMA Service Portal for Service Manager (SM) customers, also referred to as ‘mixed mode’, has been significantly enhanced in this release. A simplified architecture eliminates data duplication and data persistence in the Portal, reducing complexity and improving data consistency between the Portal and SM backend. Identity management (IDM/SSO) across the portal and SM has also been improved. The new approach unifies deployment with the rest of the SMA Suite, meaning SMAX and Mixed Mode for SM share the same deployment model.  An added benefit of this approach for SM Manager customers with the SMA Suite license is the ability to also deploy SMAX tenants from the same installation. 

Also starting with Service Manager 9.62, SM will have a comprehensive collection of native built-in release control functionality and provide extended change management support without the need to integrate with the former product known as Release Control (RC). Capabilities include:

  • Risk analysis
  • CI visualization and impact analysis
  • Time period management
  • Service Manager calendar
  • Unplanned change management
  • Alerting

No extra license is required for this native release control, and the existing RC versions support period does not change.

As well, a new Information Retrieval (IR) solution is available in this release. The new IR Expert solution leverages the native Full-Text Searching feature in DBMS, which enables rapid searching based on preprocessed documents in DBMS. The new solution dramatically enhances search performance and reduces configuration effort by Service Manager administrators. The new IR Expert supports the Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and PostgresSQL databases.

Updates in this release include:

  • Default authentication enhancement
  • Enable the IDOL based smart suggestions in Entity Pickers
  • Improved RabbitMQ stability and SLT SQL tuning
  • Addition of Swedish language support

Updates in this release include:

  • The ability to create policies on CIs to meet specific business requirements, and then report on the enterprise’s compliance to those policies.  This capability allows customers to quickly generate business value from CMS data
  • Expanded Universal Discovery’s Cloud & Container discovery capabilities by introducing the Oracle Cloud discovery and extending AWS, Azure and Google Cloud discovery capabilities.

For other improvements and support matrix updates introduced in SMA 2019.02 for Service Manager 9.62, SMAX or CMS, please refer to release notes (https://docs.microfocus.com) and attend the Service Manager or SMAX Release Readiness webinar/recording playback (details in the Learn forum; subscribe for updates)

For more information, please check the Release Notes for this version (available from MySupport).

If you have an active support subscription for these products, please plan for downloading this version from the Software Licenses and Downloads Portal. You will need your Software Passport login and password to access the Software Licenses and Downloads Portal.

Our goal is to provide you with clear visibility into the support time-line of software products, enabling you to use this information to plan, test, and deploy new product versions. For more information, check our MySupport Software Product Lifecycle pages, where you can find support time-line information for previously released versions. For this newly released version, the following time-line applies (dates subject to change, always check the Software Product Lifecycle pages referenced above for the latest information):


Support time-line



Mar 31, 2022

End of Committed Support

Mar 31, 2024

End of Extended Support

Mar 31, 2028

End of Self-Help Support with Rights to New Versions

Please note that all Service Management Automation Suite customers with active support subscriptions are eligible to update to Service Management Automation Suite 2019.02.

Prior to updating to this newest product version, your support subscription may need to be updated and you may need new license keys. UCMDB 2019.02 is one of the component products in this new version of the SMA suite. As of UCMDB 11.00, Micro Focus has changed the licensing to the unit-based model. Should you be using UCMDB 10.x and not UCMDB 11.x (or 2018.05, 2018.08 or 2018.11, which are the next releases after 11.0x), your subscription needs to be updated and new license keys need to be retrieved. Please refer to https://support.microfocus.com/kb/kmdoc.php?id=KM03095787 for additional information. Please contact Micro Focus Software Support Sales Assist to have your subscription updated.