Indexing Error - Contact Administrator

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  • 24-Jan-2019
  • 24-Jan-2019

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When installing or after uprgrading SSC 18.10 or 18.20 can be seen the error at the top of the web UI. Indexing Error - Contact Administrator


After uprgrading from Fortify SSC from 17.20 to 18.20 on Windows. I am seeing the following error at the top of the web UI.
Can you please advise on steps to investigate and resolve this?


By checking the log files, and configuration files noted that the searchIndex location was not set, please follow the next steps to complete this task.

[WARN] com.fortify.manager.DAO.fulltext.ModelMappingFactoryImpl - Fulltext search is disabled because searchIndex.location property has no value

1. Stop the Tomcat Server.
2. Go to <fortify.home>/<app_context>/conf
3. Create a backup of the file
4. The line 8 indicates the property “searchIndex.location=”, please set the absolute path to the .fortify folder, without any space, for example the following
    Windows - searchIndex.location=C:\Users\<my username>\.fortify

     For Linux make sure to use / instead of \

5. Start the Tomcat Server


> The location <fortify.home>/<app_context> is generally as following C:\Users\<my username>\.fortify\ssc\


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