OBM 2018.05 is forwarding events to BSM 9.25, but event instructions are lost

  • KM03317255
  • 14-Jan-2019
  • 14-Jan-2019


applies to envir. with OBM 2018.05 & BSM 9.25, integrated


OBM 2018.05 is forwarding events to BSM 9.25. These events are received fine but the instructions tab is emptry - as it fails to retrieve the instructions.


When these are forwarded from OMW, instructions are included on the receiving (BSM 9.25) server.


OMW seems to manage forwarding events including instructions, but forwarding from OBM 2018.05 is not working.



When retrieving instructions from OMW/OML, their specific web service interface is used to get them.


OBM doesn’t have this interface (completely different WS technology) and BSM 9.2x didn’t have an interface at all.

So even if OBM would have one now (but there is still no public API for it) BSM wouldn’t know about it and still not able to use it.


The suggestion is when using policy based instructions, the best way is to import them as content in BSM, so BSM will be able to show the instructions (based on policy and condition IDs).