Micro Focus Data Protector Software - 10.20 has been released

  • KM03311082
  • 04-Jan-2019
  • 04-Jan-2019


Product: Micro Focus Data Protector Software Version: 10.20 Languages: English, French, Japanese, Simplified Chinese


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Micro Focus is announcing the release of

Product: Micro Focus Data Protector Software

Version: 10.20

Languages: English, French, Japanese, Simplified Chinese

The following key new features are available with this version:

  • Virtual Protection enhancements includes support for vSphere 6.7 U1 with new VDDK allows users to backup and restore VMs and use the Data Protector advanced functionality (GRE, Powe-ON, and Live Migrate) available with VMware.
  • Integrated Reporting enhancements allowing centralized reporting of multiple cell managers, support for custom reports and charge back reports and option to choose a date to display the contents for several reports
  • Install upgrade improvements include enhancements to the integrated pre-requisite check, support for symbolic links for cell manager, and improvements to IDB restores, etc. to allow a smooth upgrade to this release.
  • Storage Integrations include support for advanced features with Dell EMC Data Domain improves the integration for customers using Data Domain by supporting the latest DDOS 6.1 and DDBoost 3.4 API’s and enabling support for VMware GRE, Power-ON and LIVE Migrate
  • Usability improvements include re-instating the legacy scheduler to allow flexibility to use both the consolidated and legacy scheduler simultaneously. Online help in HTML format bundled with Data Protector and localization support with Data Protector
  • Security enhancements include support for the latest Java version (1.8_181), configurable TLS settings to block the use of TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 for communication as well as restriction of SSL cipher suites to protect against security vulnerabilities

For more information, please check the Release Notes for this version (available from MySupport).

If you have an active support subscription for these products, please plan for downloading this version from the Software Licenses and Downloads Portal. You will need your Software Passport login and password to access the Software Licenses and Downloads Portal.

Our goal is to provide you with clear visibility into the support time-line of software products, enabling you to use this information to plan, test, and deploy new product versions. For more information, check our MySupport Software Product Lifecycle pages, where you can find support time-line information for previously released versions. For this newly released version, the following time-line applies (dates subject to change, always check the Software Product Lifecycle pages referenced above for the latest information):


Support time-line



Dec 31, 2021

End of Committed Support

Dec 31, 2023

End of Extended Support

Dec 31, 2027

End of Self-Help Support with Rights to New Versions

Please note that all Data Protector Customers with active support subscriptions are eligible to update to Micro Focus Data Protector version 10.20