Micro Focus Network Operations Management 2018.11 has been released

  • KM03305357
  • 19-Dec-2018
  • 19-Dec-2018

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Micro Focus Network Operations Management 2018.11


Micro Focus is announcing the release of

Product: Micro Focus Network Operations Management

Version: 2018.11

Languages: English

The following key new features are available with this version:

Network Node Manager i Enhancements:

  • Expanded the ability for NNMi users to configure threshold trap rates per minute or traps/second.
  • NNMi’s Network Traffic Measurement scale now includes values shown in MBPS and GBPS for a more user friendly view.
  • Enhanced NNMi’s ‘Find Attached Switch Port’ feature now reports on VOIP phones found on the same switch port.
  • NNMi topology’s scheduled out of service feature now marks and reports connected uplink neighbors in topology as out of service improving overall awareness.
  • Cisco ACI device vendor and node role details can now be exported from NNMi to Omi (RTSM) UCMDB for a more detailed NNMi topology integration view. 
  • SNMP traps are now shown using the short node name format in the OMi integration for a better user experience.

Network Automation Enhancements:

  • Enhanced user permission granularity for Change Plans to allow users the ability to run "One-time command scripts".
  • NA now includes the ability to use enhanced custom fields in change plans & policies for managing more complex configurations.
  • Provided the ability for users to search NA device modules by device location or custom data that includes the parent device’s attributes.Check Policy Compliance results now highlight non-compliant configuration lines to more easily detect missing or incorrectly ordered lines in the compliance rule.
  • Added NA ‘task specific credentials’ support for several CLI commands including run advanced script & run advanced diagnostic.
  • Enabled the "full text" search feature in NA for Diagnostic data.
  • Enabled the Change Plan option in the "Run Task on this group" dropdown box, allowing NA users to easily run change plans directly from a search results.

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Network Operations Management 2018.11

 Dec 31, 2022

Dec 31, 2024

Dec 31, 2028

Please note that all Network Operations Management customers with active support subscriptions are eligible to update to Network Operations Management 2018.11.