AM Generic Adapter User Guide Question

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  • 07-Dec-2018
  • 07-Dec-2018

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Steps to create AM API zip package


Hi Team,
There is steps called "Prepare Asset Manager API Zip Package" in AM Generic Adapter User Guide, we are not very clear with steps on what needs to be done exactly here. Could you please help us understanding this step?


Customer asked some questions about the steps for the AM API zip package that comes in the AM generic adapter user guide. We procide him the following stesps.

1- Create a folder named AMGenericAdapterAPI_9.50
2- Go to your Asset Manager installation folder and copy all the files in x64 and websvc\\lib folders and paste them in your AMGenericAdapterAPI_9.50 folder.
3- Then zip the folder ( and copy it to your DataFlowProbe\\runtime\\probeManager\\discoveryResources\\AMGenericAdapter\\amVersion\\9.50.
4- Then follow the next steps in order to deploy Asset Manager zip package from UCMDB.