Problems with using designer_design_projection_encodings function

  • KM03297098
  • 04-Dec-2018
  • 04-Dec-2018

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ERROR 4460: Projection anchor_table_name does not exist


Trying to optimize projection encodings with help of function designer_design_projection_encodings.

The table exist, and projections exists. The table have a lot of data.

Now trying to use function:
select designer_design_projection_encodings('projection_schema.anchor_table_name','','false','true');
ERROR 4460: Projection projection_schema.anchor_table_name does not exist


It seems that if we include either database name or table name, the function complains about "projection does not exist."

select DESIGNER_DESIGN_PROJECTION_ENCODINGS('projection_schema.projection_name','','false', 'true');