Using SiteScope for +ASM diskgroup monitoring

  • KM03294936
  • 29-Nov-2018
  • 23-Sep-2019


Using SiteScope for +ASM diskgroup monitoring


How can the freespace percentage of ASM diskgroup be monitored using SiteScope?


Recommendation is to create and use a Custom Database monitor since the metrics that you need to monitor are not currently supported:
On the below link you’ll find the counters available for the Oracle Database Monitor and the permissions required:
Oracle Database Monitor
You’ll find additional counters on the previous link.
Custom Database monitor information:
Additional, seems like you’ll need permission to the below table if you’ll monitor ASM diskgroup.
  DB reference:
External links with additional information that you can use to determine the best implementation to monitor the ASM diskgroup:
Useful ASM scripts and queries:
Scripts to monitoring the Oracle ASM disks, files and volumes:
How to monitor space usage on ASM diskgroups: