Use Crystal Reports to show photo associated with a record within AM

  • KM03290171
  • 20-Nov-2018
  • 20-Nov-2018

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Use image in Crystal Report.


I'm trying to use Crystal Reports to display a photo that is associated with a record within Asset Manager. I know that photos are stored in the amImage table. I can created the link from the AM record to the image table but nothing is displayed in Crystal when I try and place the blbData field into the report. Is there any way to accomplish this?


A workaround consist in create a Crystal Report that has an image in it, using the name field from the amImage table. Grab the image directly from a file system based on the image name from the amImage table. This is not an ideal situation since anyone that wants to print the report will need the folder path available to them. In that case, print a catalog of items from Asset Manager and have Crystal grab the image from the file system.