Databases Content Pack 1.4.x 1.3.x documentation

  • KM03286203
  • 12-Nov-2018
  • 12-Nov-2018

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Missing documentation on the Databases Content Pack 1.4.x and 1.3.x


Missing documentation on the Databases Content Pack 1.4.x 1.3.x


Databases 1.4.x
- Add input to allow SSL encryption in Operations/Database/Microsoft SQL operations
- Add default 'true' for useSSL input in the XMLs and in the descriptions
- Repair operation TNS Names SQL Query LOB QCCR8C29397
- Other design modifications that we are not allowed to divulge to the customers since the code is not open source
- Rebranding from HPE to Micro Focus

Databases 1.3.x
- Rebranding from HP to HPE
- Provide functionality to add meta data to an operation or flow - QCCR8C10603
- Removed jcraft:jsch library from exclusion and reverted the difference between oo-tranzitive-dependency-plugin version 25-30- QCIM8C28671
- Renamed the OOTB content packs to their original names
- Updated dependency information from Studio 10.50
- Added result set and concurrency for databases in code