Reset admin password for UBA 5.0

  • KM03284460
  • 09-Nov-2018
  • 09-Nov-2018

This document has not been formally reviewed for accuracy and is provided "as is" for your convenience.


Steps to reset the admin password on UBA 5.0


Sometimes the password for the admin user in UBA 5.1 needs to be resetted because is no longer remembered and there is no email address configured for such user, so below are the steps to accomplish this:

1. Login to the installation of MySQL where the UBA database is installed. Normally the command should be something like mysql -u root -p

2. Enter the password for the root User in Mysql. Please keep in mind this is not the root user for the OS but the root user for MySQL server

3. Switch to the UBA database by issuing the command use hpeuba50; and press enter

4. Run the command UPDATE sec_user SET password = '$2a$15$0D6gCCToqbW0hGs88Ld2T.gclCsqRHzpc0DvAcDu8Ss26Dpz8LhbG'   where username='admin'; and press enter. This command will set the password for the admin user to the keyword admin

5. Run the command exit and press enter to exit MySQL Server

Once this is performed you can try to login again to your UBA Web GUI by typing the following credentials:

Username: admin

Password: admin