SIS is Completely Down

  • KM03280902
  • 01-Nov-2018
  • 31-Jan-2019


SIS is Completely Down


SIS is down getting the error message "Server Internal Error Site-scope encountered an internal error which prevents you from viewing this page. If the problem persists, please contact customer support. For more information about this error, see the server log files".


The SNMP Receiver got corrupted with a wrong value and was bringing down the SiteScope service, after deleting the receivers from the Persistency viewer SiteScope is able to start correcty.

SiteScope does not have any validation about a wrong value in the host of the SNMP receiver.
When a wrong value is put in the Host field, SiteScope throws the exception: SiteScope encountered a general exception, Class: APIPreference, Method: createPreference, however it will create the preference anyways, even hitting the cancel button.