Unable to connect HPAM through client

  • KM03275830
  • 25-Oct-2018
  • 25-Oct-2018

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Module 'Ssl' : Unable to load dynamic library (libeay32-10.dll)'


Hello Team,
I am unable to loging Am through client on my machine and getting below error. But at the same time other AM users can access with client without any issues. Please look into it on priority
[Thrd#:16224](-52) Module 'Ssl' : dpatil (libeay32-10.dll)'
[Thrd#:16224](-52) Unable to initialize SSL library.
[Thrd#:16224](16384) Internal error in the encryption library. Module 'AES', Function 'Decrypt', Code ''.
[Thrd#:16224](16384) Unable to connect to this database engine.
Deepak Patil


Module 'Ssl' : Unable to load dynamic library (libeay32-10.dll)'

This happens when another application in the same computer where AM is installed, use the same memory location. The new files can be downloaded from QCCR1E149236 in order to replace them and fix the issue.