ART ELE 5.40 Oracle Installation Procedure v1.3

  • KM03275043
  • 24-Oct-2018
  • 24-Oct-2018

This document has not been formally reviewed for accuracy and is provided "as is" for your convenience.


Introduction. Micro Focus Education recommend following the information below in order to successfully install and configure ART 5.40 Server. The minimum number of servers for a POC setup is two. In the attached the installation is done on two ESX virtual machines running Windows 2012R2. It is recommended to take snapshots d The first server has an Oracle 12c Release 1 installation. (Note: Oracle 12c Release 2 is not currently supported). The second server is used as the Collaboration and ART ELE 5.40 Application Server. This runs with Microsoft IIS Server.


while installting ART enterprise Edition server setup, below error message was displayed.
Errors occurred while editing the database. The installation will continue, but please contact Micro focus product support.
We are unable to invoke ART Server URL after completing the setup.


Follow up with the ART ELE 5.40 Oracle Installation Procedure v1.3 Guideline attached to KM03275043.
For any further questions refer to : 
Dennis Caddy <>