Sitescope server port getting changed

  • KM03245145
  • 11-Sep-2018
  • 21-Dec-2018

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Sitescope server port getting changed


After daily scheduled restart, it seems SiS is not starting properly and server ports in master.config are getting changed. No other process seems to be consuming those ports on sitescope server. We are getting below alert.SiteScope Server Port ChangedThe server port for SiteScope has changed to 8890The old port (8889) could not be opened. The error message was: Address already in use: JVM_BindIn error log , we can see below error when sitescop is trying to start.2018-07-27 09:13:27,741 [localhost-startStop-1] ( INFO - Shutting down SiteScope reason Tomcat is going down (destroy of InitSiteScope HttpServlet)...