REST API: Compatibility of newly API calls with earlier UCMDB Servers

  • KM03231115R
  • 21-Aug-2018
  • 23-Aug-2018

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This article addresses the question of whether or not it is possible to make use of a newly introduced REST API call introduced in one version of the UCMDB Server when deployed in a standalone environment linked to an earlier version of the UCMDB Server


Take for example the REST API Call to generate a Change Report  -

reference :

This particular REST API call was first introduced in the REST API that came packaged with UCMDB 10.32.

Would it be possible to deploy the REST API for 10.32 OOTB in a standalone tomcat and have it connect to an earlier version of UCMDB (eg 10.30) and still be able to use this call ?

A customer who wishes to make use of this call for instance may not practically be able to upgrade the UCMDB Server at this time .


In this example - because that particular API call - Generate Change Report  was first introduced into the REST API that came packaged with 10.32   it will only be able to interface with API's in versions of UCMDB from 10.32 onwards when deployed OOTB

Should this be the case and it is not possible for a customer to upgrade to a compatible version of the UCMDB Server (even though we advise that this would be by far the safest solution) , other options could perhaps be persued such as  :

1) Create a custom solution perhaps by making use of the standard  java API ?  Some examples can be found in the hp\UCMDB\UCMDBServer\deploy\ucmdb-docs\docs\eng\APIs\JavaSDK_Samples folder . 

2) See if there  is a SOAP request that can be made use of ?

3) Consider contacting Micro Focus professional services to discuss a bespoke solution