UCMDB Cert is due to expire

  • KM03220923
  • 07-Aug-2018
  • 23-Aug-2018


Customer needed to create a CSR, this has nothing to do with ucmdb but, we can explain them the following:


Generate CSR


We can manage two different certificates on UCMDB, the self-signed certificate and the Certification Authority certificate(CAC). The self-signed is one certificate we can generate by our own means, without contacting any CA. For the CA signed certificates they ask for a CSR, which means Certificate Signing Request, this is .csr file that contains the information that will be on the certificate, it is kind of a template so the CA can have the information of your company and start filling the certificate. You can see more information here: https://www.sslshopper.com/what-is-a-csr-certificate-signing-request.html.
I have found this free CSR generator: https://www.ssltrust.com.au/ssl-tools/generate-csr. Once you fill the required information and click “Generate CSR” it will display two things:
• The CSR code: You just need to copy that text into notepad and save it as .csr file. This is what you need to send to the CA.
• Private key: You do not need to share this with any other person. You just copy the code for te private key into notepad and save it.
Please note that this links are not from MicroFocus, so we cannot ensure this to work, but I do believe it is going to be useful for us.