Load Test failed with Error : Could not retrieve scripts

  • KM03209997
  • 26-Jul-2018
  • 18-Dec-2019


Performance Center Load test failed to run with error "Could not retrieve script."


Running a loadtest on Performance Center failed on error "Could not retrieve scripts'.

Further check on Performance Center w3wp log mention further error :

2018-06-21 16:04:52,775 [4440] [26] DEBUG HP.PC.ServiceModel.Interceptors.NetExceptionsMessageInspector - Throwing exception  [Context: 5c787b24-4a20-48e8-aefd-bacd98a3ed39] [FullContext: QCServer:http://ALMURL:8080/qcbin UserName:test Domain:TEST_PROJ Project:TEST QCRunId:137 TimeslotId:1445]
HP.PC.LT.Model.Exceptions.ScriptDownloadingException: Downloading script PEMS_BP01_OutboundSMSNotification failed ---> System.IO.IOException: Access to the path 'D:\HP\Performance Center Host\orchidtmp\TempFiles\e1f48a8d-912f-4edb-9921-5180c0c9ae08
\test\419\419\419' is denied.


The issue happen due to McAfee blocks Performance Center host execution.

Currently happen on all version of Mc Afee and Performance Center.

To verify this please :

1) Please download Procmon from https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/downloads/procmon

2) Please run Procmon on PC host and simulate the error.

3) Next Procmon will show 'ACCESS DENIED' on Performance Center host TEMP directory.

Solution is to exclude the whole path of PC Host directory from Mc Afee.