OMi UI performance problems for OO integration

  • KM03205066
  • 18-Jul-2018
  • 30-Apr-2021


There is a bad performance between OMi and OO. The way to fix it is deactivating the CSRF.


OO 10.70
Any function in OMi where integration with OO is required. In our "Run Book Mappings" interface, we're seeing regular occurrences where details for the mappings, such as related flows, and the parameters for the related CI types disappearing or showing errors. We even see instance where entire flow mappings go missing.

Automatic Run Book Execution. We find that this screen throws errors when the integration between OMi and OO has broken down: "The backend service did not answer within the expected response time period." And, after we restart OMi and OO, if this interface begins working again, often we have to recreate the automation links.

In Event Perspective. We have numerous run book mappings, as already detailed, so we have numerous Actions that are available for events that are selected in the Event console. It's there we have found that the actions pane takes far too long to draw or appear.


OMi and OO integrate via LWSSO usually, so that one bypasses the CSRF token verification.
But, in 10.70, due to some upgrade of spring framework, there appeared some LWSSO problems due to this upgrade ( libraries not being read all the time) , manifesting by intermittent 500 Internal server Error responses from OO.
This was fixed in 10.80 onwards , but there is a fix for it also in 10.70,

In OO 2018.05, the CSRF token mechanism was improved.