tip) OBA 3.x does not work with SiteScope 11.4x without a workaround.

  • KM03200455
  • 10-Jul-2018
  • 10-Jul-2018


applies to OBA and SiteScope


OBA does not work with SiS 11.4x without a workaround. The workaround is documented in :
It is fixed for SiteScope 11.50 and OBA does support version 11.50. 


Workaround for 11.4x
1. After creating the SiteScope collection within OBA, open the SiteScope UI.
2. Navigate to the integration preference.
3. Select the integration "opsa_opsa_default and click the “Edit” pencil icon.
4. Do not change anything. Simply click the OK button.
5. SiteScope data should now be sent to OBA.