OBM 2020.05: Measurement Threshold Policies imported from OML don't have all details and custom parameters

  • KM03196792
  • 03-Jul-2018
  • 19-Oct-2020




The customer environment has OML v09.22.190 and we started the migration to OBM v2020.05 (we upgraded in place from 2019.11).
This environment counts a lot of policies (about 12300+) because they created many policies customized by hostname (IE: Policy123 and Policy123_hostname).
Initially we wanted to import policies into OBM using "Import Policy templates from Agent" and redistributes them from OBM. In this way we don't care about wrong assignments.

We noted then that the policies didn't contains all of data. IE: the policy has been created, but "Source" and "Rules" sections are empty.

Then we chose to Export from OML and Import to OBM all of policies. In this case the policy showed in Image001.jpg v1.8 has been fully imported (from Image005.jpg to Image007.jpg)
(below the command description I used).

But we noted with this second method another problem, that is the subject of the incident:
We noted that this kind of import didn't copy the Parameters Values from OML, but wrote into the policy the default values only.

Parameters are empty, Default exists.