CMX web-ui "times out", redirecting user to the CMX prompt for email (default sign on screen)

  • KM03183028
  • 18-Jun-2018
  • 18-Jun-2018

This document has not been formally reviewed for accuracy and is provided "as is" for your convenience.


Users should launch the CMX web-ui from the browser with the customer-specific Sign On URL; because when the web-ui is launched from the Agent icon in system tray (PC) and the Agent token expires, the browser redirects to default sign on page.


Indication of this issue is not an error message, but the user can be redirected to the default, CMX Sign On webpage.


Browser redirection is triggered when the Agent security token expires.


Workaround this issue by launching the CMX web-ui from the customer-specific SignOn URL in a browser.
This creates an http token is used which is auto-refreshed during the web session and is subject to timeout after 20 minutes disuse.

When a user opens the web-ui from systray icon, the web session timeout is tied to the CMX Agent token which is not auto-refreshed.
So when the Agent token expires/timesout, the user will be redirected to the default CMX prompt for email address.