How To: Install a Driver Fix provided by Support

  • KM03173962
  • 07-Jun-2018
  • 26-Apr-2021


how can a customer install a driver fix provided by support.


sometimes when a driver has problems upon discovery or with a command not parsing collecting the required information, support must be engaged, this document details how to install the provided fix.


To install the Driver fix please perform these steps:


1. Go to <NA Root Dir>/server/lib/drivers

2. Backup the <my_driver_fix_name>.rdp to a different location.

3. Please Unzip then copy the <my_driver_fix_name>.rdp to that directory, and the password usually is hpnahpna

4. Go to NA WebUI and go to Admin -> Drivers -> top right corner ‘Reload Drivers’

5. Proceed to Task -> New Task -> Driver Discovery and uncheck the option of Only if No Driver is set - this will reset on most cases the old driver that was assigned previously.

image text

6. Proceed to Task -> New Task -> Take Snapshot to have the information of the Device refreshed and updated with the new driver.

for additional information on driver fixes: