RUM 9.40 Engine and RUM probe logs

  • KM03168405
  • 28-May-2018
  • 28-May-2018


RUM 9.40 Engine and RUM probe logs


RUM Engine and probe logs



RUM engine and probe logs reference

    HPRUM_all.ejb.log  >>>  Overall log

    Structure of a message in the logs:

    <timestamp> <involking_thread> <java class name and line number> <message log level> <message content>
    Engine: RUM Engine WebConsole > Health > Capture Log Files > Capture

    RUM Probe on Windows:
        HPRUMProbe\output\log\capture.log      >>>  Log.
        HPRumProbe\etc\rum_probe\capture.conf  >>>  Conf

    RUM Probe on Linux:
        /var/log/rum_probe/capture/capture.log  >>>  Log.
        /etc/rum_probe/capture.conf             >>>  Conf.
        config.manager.log  >>>  Connecion BSM > RUM  and  RUM Engine > Rum Probe. Synchronization between BSM/RUME/RUMP
            (Engine > Tools > Monitoring Configuration Information > Sync All Configuration)
        jboss_boot.log                 >>>  If RUM fails to run. Engine start up.
        jboss_server.log               >>>  All jboss activities, jboss messages, deployment and startup status.
        bbretriever.log                >>>  Probe info and Channel status problem. Communication with the Probe.
        datapublisher.log              >>>  Data to BSM.
        eventlog.txt                   >>>  Is the audit of RUM.
        rumengine.log                  >>>  Problems with BAC configuration.
        classification.log             >>>  When RUM Action Summary Report shows no data in BSM.
        gatewayserver.log              >>>  Communication with BSM.
        partitionmanager.log           >>>  Creating partitions in MySQL.
        publisher.log                  >>>  Sending samples to BSM.
        repository.*                   >>>  RUM modules handling the RUM DB.
        repository.dataacesslayer.log  >>>  Communication with MySQL database.
        resolver.log                   >>>
        session.manager.log            >>>
        topologyEngine.log             >>>
        transactions.log               >>>

        C:\HPRUM_DATA\<hostname>.ERR HOSTNAME.ERR   >>>  Issues with MSSQL DB