Integration [946] - NOM to OMi

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  • 11-Jun-2018
  • 11-Jun-2018


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NOM to OMi - Catalog Id: 946


Operations Manager i (OMi) consolidates all IT infrastructure monitoring in a central event console, and relates the events to the IT services that depend on that infrastructure.
By integrating Operations Manager i (OMi) with NNMi, you can view network fault information captured by NNMi incidents in OMi's event browser and use the OMi console as a single center of control for your IT operations.
The NNMi-OMi integration provides the following capabilities:

  • Topology integration
    • OMi stores NNMi-generated network topology information such as device name, interface name, and device IP address as Configuration Items (CIs) and includes these CIs in relevant views.
  • Events integration
    • OMi displays NNMi incidents into the OMi Event Browser.
  • OMi > NNMi navigation
    • You can configure the Workspaces > My Workspace page to display the NNMi console components like network maps and detailed information dialogs.

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Leading Product:
Network Operations Management Suite

Secondary Product:
Operations Bridge Manager (OMi)


Support Matrix

Operations Bridge Manager (OMi)
Network Operations Management Suite
Comments: with Operations Connector 10.11
SupportedSupported (see comments)Not Supported

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