WebInspect Enterprise Permissions Issues after upgrade to 17.20 or 18.10

  • KM03155413
  • 03-May-2018
  • 30-May-2018


Following an upgrade to WebInspect Enterprise 17.20 you may notice that although all permissions are in place, or even if you are an admin user you still cannot stop, delete or otherwise control a scan.


The likely symptom is that you start a scan then decide to stop it but are presented with a message indicating you do not have permission to do so, even though you are sure the necessary permissions are in place via the WebInspect Enterprise Administration Console or you are an admin user.  

Alternatively you may find that you are unable to delete any scans, or resume a paused scan.

A clear indication that the issue in question is caused by the subject of this article is an error message similar to this in the WebInspect Enterprise Manager log (C:\ProgramData\HP\WIE\Manager\ManagerWS_trace.log) immediately after an IIS or application restart:

2018-02-09 08:51:09,714 ERROR [6] Unable to reload scan queue System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException (0x80131904): Conversion 

failed when converting the varchar value '1.0' to data type int.



The cause of the issue is due to a bug in  SQL Server where certain stored functions can become stale.  Because of the order of update, the changes are not correctly applied - so even though the functions appear correct when viewed in SQL Server Management Studio (for example).  

The functions in question are:

  • dbo.SecuredScans
  • dbo.IncompleteScansWithSecurity
  • dbo.SecuredIncompleteScans



There are two ways to fix the issue:

  1. For each of the functions listed in the cause, using SQL Server Management Studio simply right click and select "Modify" then "Execute" to update the function
  2. Run the attached query against the WebInspect Enterprise database

To verify that the fix has been correctly applied, restart IIS and verify that the error message no longer appears.  You should now be able to control scans as required.